Friday, June 24, 2011

Macro Garden Tour -- The Front Yard

Over on my family blog, I created a post that gives you a tour of my front and back yard gardens.  With this post, I'm going to give you the up-close-and-personal tour.  :)

Stop #1.  The "new" garden.

After building a few more raised-bed vegetable gardens in the back yard, we had some leftover garden soil.  What a perfect opportunity to create a new garden!  The guys helped move the two rocks we had sitting there, then they dug out the sod, broke up the ground, dumped on the soil (plus some compost my sister-in-law gave me), then transplanted several clumps of flowers from the "Stop #2" garden.



Asiatic lily

Asiatic lily a few days later--blooming!

Stop #2.  The "finished" sun garden.

Yeah--this garden had been complete, but since we transferred flowers from it to the garden above, there are some empty spots.  I've already moved several plants around for spacing, and transplanted a flower (I believe it's dianthus) from my back yard to here.



More coreopsis

Beard tongue -- one of my favorites

Stop #3.  The front porch garden.

This was my very first garden; it's a shade garden but I've managed to find flowers that like this location.  I wrote about this special spot on my family blog so I'll just post images here.  :)

Coral bells -- "Champagne Bubbles"


Coral bells -- unknown variety

Astilbe -- "Bridal Veil"

Coral bells -- "Black Beauty"

Brunnera (Siberian bugloss)

Coral bells -- "Marmalade"

Woodland hydrangea

That's a lot of flowers!  And I haven't killed them!  Actually, my flowers must have the ability to survive with little help from me.  So if your garden-care personality is like mine, and you want to plant a garden, this post can be your handy guide!  The back yard tour awaits another day...

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  1. Wow, your garden is a mini flower photographer's heaven. :-D I love the DOF you use!

  2. Wow - lovely garden! My favorite is the daffodil picture