Monday, June 13, 2011

365 Project -- #155-161

What a weird weather week last week!  I don't have "weather" photos to show you, but we were close to 99 degrees for a few days, then we cooled off to the low 60s!  Strange, but typical for Chicago weather.  Here are my images from last week...

Wrapping up our state homeschool convention, I snapped this image of my friend Lori who assisted at Diana Waring's speaker table, just a few tables down from my speaker, Matthew McNatt's, table.

[155] June 4 -- At a speaker table

I love getting candid images when I attend an event; this image was one of the few I took, because I did more than attend!  I do have an official title--ICHE Coordinator for Special & Struggling Learners.  But at the convention, I take care of my speakers, attend all their workshops, see to their needs, man their tables if need be, and run around taking care of all the little things that pop up unexpectedly.  If time permits, I also visit the Oasis--a separate area where new homeschoolers can stop by to ask questions of veteran homeschoolers.  Many times, there are parents who have lots of questions regarding their special/struggling children, and it's such a blessing to be able to listen to their stories, answer questions, and offer encouragement.  And to pray with them!

Whoa.  I digressed there!  Back to the week's images...  It's so nice to come home from working so hard to a flower garden that takes care of itself!  The beard tongue below has become one of my favorites in my sun garden.  It is just one plant, but new blooms emerge in purple, then brighten to pink and become lighter as they "age."  There are usually three or four colors among my beard tongue plants, and they're so pretty together!

[156] June 5 -- Beard tongue

On a flower kick, I trotted off to the back yard to capture some daisies in bloom.  Boy, was it HOT that day!

[157] June 6 -- Back yard daisies

There's a little airport across the street from our house (and behind the Meijer grocery store).  I think it's funny that it's called Clow International Airport, but supposedly planes can make it to Canada, so it is an international airport.  They put on an air show each June, and I caught this T-2 Texan flying overhead, with its wheels folded in as it flew around.

[158] June 7 -- T-2 Texan in air show

As I watered my plants, this friendly robin kept coming by to look for goodies in the ground.  He seemed totally unafraid of me, getting to within five or six feet of where I was watering.  Of course, I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and continued watering (and weeding!) with my Ellie around my neck to capture this happy bird.

[159] June 8 -- Friendly robin

The radish harvest has begun!  The image below is my third radish harvest, and I have picked another bunch since then.  They are "hot," too, but taste awesome dipped in my homemade creamy garlic salad dressing.

[160] June 9 -- Radishes from my garden

Then, the better part of last week was spent making preparations for Danny's graduation celebration this past Sunday.  Danny and I had fun going through my scrapbooks, laughing over little-boy pictures--especially the six-month-old with fat cheeks, sitting in a high chair with sweet potatoes all over his face.  :)

[161] June 10 -- Graduation preparations

This week, I'm relaxing!  Well, until Friday, anyway, when Danny has all four wisdom teeth removed.  I need some down time after several weeks of GOING.  I'll let you know how much I actually "relaxed" next week when I check in!

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  1. First of all I love the Robin and the Beard whatever flower shots....but what I love the most is the glazed over look in the overwhelmed ladies eyes at the Convention! LOL!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Diana Waring! :)

  2. Love the robin picture! So crisp. It's like he was talking to you!

  3. Such pretty colours in #156. And I love your header photo too!

  4. Every picture this week is fabulous. I love candids too. So fun. I love finding things in the pictures later that were not the main subjects that crack me up. I didn't see any in your picture. But usually my candids are of kids and they do some funny stuff. LOL
    Love the bird capture. AWESOME! Hope you get to relax

  5. love the bearded flower and the robin!

  6. Great week in pics...I especially love the robin!