Monday, June 6, 2011

365 Project -- #148-154

Exhaustion.  That is an apt word today.  Last week was a blur, with a photo shoot on Memorial Day, preparing for our state homeschool convention on Tuesday, then attending our convention speaker banquet Wednesday, followed by three days of convention activities.  I absolutely love overseeing my portion of the convention--I get to meet amazing speakers, talk to and encourage new (and veteran!) homeschoolers, and connect with people I haven't seen in a while.  Here are the images from my week.

Senior photo shoot, downtown Chicago at UIC (the University of Illinois in Chicago).  This young man hopes to transfer here after earning his Associate's degree from his local community college.  He is on his way to medical school!

[148] May 28 -- Senior portrait at Hull House

I like the below shot because it gives the feeling of walking into sunshine, and a bright future.

[149] May 29 -- Toward a bright future

Not all the portraits will be chosen for prints.  The one below probably won't make the 8x10 list.  Goofing off for the camera every now and then relieves stress.  It's hard to focus on what the photographer tells you to do--smiling, leaning against a wall, or looking this way and that.  Goofy faces take care of all that.  :)

[150] May 30 -- A senior portrait--NOT

In preparation for all of the workshops I coordinate at our state convention, I printed out new "countdown" numbers to wave at the speakers as time runs out in their workshops.  The convention runs like clockwork, and there is not a lot of variance for running over one's time!  So I try to make sure my speakers stay within the time limits.

[151] May 31 -- Numbers

My first workshop!  Matthew McNatt spoke to parents homeschooling their special needs students.  He was very encouraging, and a fascinating person to get to know.  I'm so glad I invited him to speak at our convention!

[152] June 1 -- My conference speaker

My #3 son Danny was able to attend a workshop where the students dissected a sheep's brain.  Me--YUCK.  Danny--COOL.  And, if you wondered--YES, this is the same young man from the senior portraits above.  :)

[153] June 2 -- Picking your brain

That's it through last Friday.  Next week I'll wrap up the last day of the convention, and add some new photos.  Who knows what I'll post!  I'm definitely not relaxing this week--preparations for yet another event are on the calendar!  I sure hope you all have a super week as summer begins to warm things up.

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  1. beautiful picturisation. I would love to be a part of this journey but I don't have that much luck.

  2. Nice photos.

    I'm starting Mommytography365 (again), this weekend will be my first new post. I saw your blog on the Mommytography365 weekly sign up and wanted to say hi. :)


  3. Sounds like so much fun!!! I love going to convention, but haven't gotten to in a couple of years.

  4. Great shots Christine! Hope you are doing well. Stopping by to say hi!

  5. As Danny's "other dissection leader," I must say that he has chosen an interesting model of scalpel for the brain dissection...


  6. Great shots, Christine! Nice symbolism with the picture of Danny walking into the sun. (The goofy face is nice "real" touch too, however...) ;) I'm just starting to experiment with black and white...I really like your first pic.

  7. I want to take pictures so badly for people...but still not confident enough to throw myself out there. Yuck on the brain. Oh boy. A frog back in 6th grade was bad enough.

  8. Those are nice portraits! Thank you so much for your lovely and encouraging comments with my photos. It means a lot!!!