Monday, May 9, 2011

365 Project -- #120-126

Last week was "officially" Macro Week.  Even though the images are hodgepodge, I used my macro lens with all of them.  Finally, after all these weeks, a theme.  ;)

In explanation, this first image is of little containers of facial lotion and body lotion.  Don't you hate when you get to the end of your bottle of lotion, and you know there's more in there, but you can't get it out?  I unscrew the cap and swish the tube of the pump and get more out that way.  But in the end, I bring the bottle down to the kitchen and cut the bottom of the bottle off with a knife.  I scrape out the remaining lotion and put it in a little container.  Voilà!  Another week's worth of lotion.  Waste not, want not!

[120] April 30 -- Cosmetics

This really is my daily break!  My mom thoughtfully saves the New York Times crossword puzzles for me.  They're like treasures of gold--I put them in my organizer and work on them (in ink, of course) in the doctor's office, or whenever I have a moment.

[121] May 1 -- Daily Break

The maple trees are leafing, and I saw some neat shapes to take pictures of.  After I downloaded the image below, I thought it looked like a butterfly.

[122] May 2 -- Maple butterfly

I try to trim my chives before they bloom--which is when you're supposed to.  But they're so pretty as they bud and bloom, too, that I couldn't resist taking a picture.

[123] May 3 -- Bud on chives

Our back yard is filled with dandelions, ick.  But they make a good macro subject.  I was experimenting with point of view with the below image.

[124] May 4 -- Dandelion

My brother is storing his little trailer in our back yard.  He would say, "Actually, you're storing my trailer in your back yard."  He's right.  It has been out there for years, though we haven't bugged him to come get it out of there.  :)

[125] May 5 -- Trailer tire

I'm still waiting for hubby to find and connect our garden hose.  I've been watering my onions and garlic with a watering can using this back yard spigot.  With macro lens in hand, I thought I'd try to capture some droplets in action.  Okay, so I took upwards of 30 images to get one or two good ones.  Aahhh, I love digital photography!

[126] May 6 -- Dripping spigot

And those are last week's images.  I can tell you already that since this upcoming week is filled with vacation preparations (which I should be doing right now), most--if not all--of my images will be from this past weekend's church get-together, a welcome into spring time of games, play, fellowship, and food.  It was a lot of fun simply leaving my 50mm portrait lens on Ellie and seeing what I could capture with it.  I can't wait to show you the highlights!

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  1. I love the perspective on the dandilion and the water drop. Gorgeous.

  2. I do the same with lotions or face cream!!! If I'm going to spend the money then I want every last drop I can get out of it.
    Great set of photos!!! the dandilion and the water drop are awesome!!
    Hope you have a great week and enjoy your vacation!!!

  3. Nice light on the first one.... Chives is my fav and fabulous capture on the water!

  4. Wow...these were all just incredible Christine.

    Hope you have a blessed week!

  5. Your photography is simply amazing! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :D

  6. Awesome shots - and the water drop is SWEET!