Tuesday, May 24, 2011

365 Project -- #134-140

Well, we're home.  A little over a week ago, we left a cool, breezy Chicago and headed south.  And east.  More south, though.  Down, down, down, to warmer climes, 80s and sunny.  Here is a smidgen of an idea of our vacation.

We arrived in Vero Beach to meet our friends with whom we spent the week.  Our dinner at Captain Hiram's was super-yummy; the view from their balcony is below.  Nice view.

[134] May 14 -- Harbor at Captain Hiram's

I finally got to see the Atlantic Ocean!  We moved away from the ocean when I was 11, and I was back only once.  I got to spend the entire week there this time.

[135] May 15 -- Atlantic wave line

Monday morning.  8:56 a.m.  It was truly surprising how quickly Endeavor shot up into the sky.  Within minutes, she was out of view.  Then several minutes later, we heard the sound (we were about an hour away from Kennedy Space Center).

[136] May 16 -- Endeavor blasts off

The water was warm, inviting us to come on in and play.

[137] May 17 -- Wave action

Fernando and I had a date night, a slow evening walk on the beach at our resort.  Of course Ellie came with us!  These are my footprints, just before they were washed away.

 [138] May 18 -- Seashore footprints

Sunsets were gorgeous, and we weren't even facing west!  Below, I was looking north up the coast.

[139] May 19 -- Sunset along Vero Beach

Though I took several nice macros of flowers, I chose the below image since I love the back lighting and how it illumines the berries on the bush.

[140] May 20 -- Sunlit berries

Next week, I'll round out my vacation with a few more shots from Florida, and then it's back to the Prairie State!

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  1. Girl, you got some awesome shots... makes me what to go to the beach!

  2. gorgeous pics. We were actually at the Endeavour launch. I got pics on my blog. It was awesome.

  3. All gorgeous shots...but love the footprints!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures. i love love love the wave one and the footprints in the sand made me think of that poem. I love the wave line too. Those are all frame worthy. WOW! Great week.