Monday, May 2, 2011

365 Project -- #113-119

A long week of rain didn't stop Ellie and me from taking images both inside and out.  Whether ordinary household images, a part of mealtime, or capturing nature when it wasn't raining, we stayed busy with the shutter, and with life!

This first photo is a fitting part of our week, since Danny had to re-take part of a placement test (for our community college) that he didn't do so well on last year.  I'm happy to report that he scored very well on it this time, and will be starting college algebra come August!

[113] April 23 -- Adding it all up

Remember the cake layers cooling on the rack in my last "365 Project" post?  (And by the way, the link to the recipe is there, too!)  Well, this is the remainder of that yummy dessert.  Our family--all 11 of the extended clan--ate over half of it on Resurrection Sunday, and the six of us split it up a few days later for a sweet end to our day.

[114] April 24 -- Yellow cake with lemon frosting

Mangoes were on sale at the grocery store, so I bought some because Fernando loves them.  He and Jacob enjoyed the last two, which took about a week to ripen in a bowl on our kitchen counter.

[115] April 25 -- The mangoes are ripe!

My spring blog header (above) features these happy little brunnera, or Siberian bugloss.   Blooming only in the spring, its tiny, vivid flowers herald the new season in pretty periwinkle, with a white ring at their centers.  Edited in sepia, they look papery in their gentle ivory tones.  I love this little flower in all its brief spring glory!

[116] April 26 -- Brunnera in sepia tone

During a brief respite from the rain, I ran out to my front yard garden with Ellie and her macro lens.  I'm so sorry I can't remember which 365 Project participant displayed a photo of flowers with raindrops.  I really liked that image--it inspired me to go out and capture the blithe daffodil covered with fresh droplets of rain.

[117] April 27 -- Daffodil after rain

Danny continues to stay hard at work in chemistry, and completed yet another experiment.  Having never taken the course, I have always thought chemistry involved flame and possible minor explosions.  But alas, it has been somewhat disappointing in that regard.  The experiment below was pretty neat, although he had to use some of my good SAF yeast.  All for a good cause!

[118] April 28 -- Peroxide and yeast

Ack!  I needed one more image to complete my week, and the sky clouded over once again to just about close out the least sunny April in Chicago history.  Jacob obliged me by turning slightly and trying not to smile.  I still think he's handsome!

[119] April 29 -- College student

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. Nice shots! Love the new header too!

  2. I love number 116, so beautiful!

  3. The cake looks so yummy. I am going to click the recipe. Jacob is very handsome. Those flowers look great in sepia as well.
    Great week. Beautiful flower with the rain drops!