Tuesday, April 19, 2011

365 Project -- #99-105

I took a break from blogging last week, but I didn't leave my camera.  I stayed away from all things blog when I realized that after a whole week of no blog headers, link buttons, etc., I was one of Photobucket's .25% of customers still without access to my account.  That's 25 in 10,000 people.  I don't know who those other 24 people are, but I'm sure they were as mad as I!  Since my account is still inaccessible, I used a combination of a Google photo host and a new Photobucket account to re-create the beauty in my blogs.  (I for one think they're pretty, anyway.)

Here are my images from April 9 through April 15.  We had a mini spring that weekend, and then it snowed a few days ago.  Huh!  (And I promise to spend this week visiting your blogs, since I stayed away last week!)

I had a book-it-and-shoot-it photo session, and within four days the job was almost over!  I enjoyed capturing this homeschool family fife and drum band on a beautiful Saturday.  (You'll see more of them in future posts.)

[99] April 9 -- Fife and Drum

[100] April 10 -- Boot buckle

Dinner is always something I can shoot!

[101] April 11 -- Beef roast with mushroom gravy

Even though it has been c-c-cold here all spring, I happened to notice my brunnera happily blooming in the gloom!!  Yay for early spring flowers!  These flowers are teeny-tiny, but my macro lens does them justice beautifully.  My coral bells are also coming back to life.  Spring is so precious to me this year, after a interminable winter which lingers on.

[102] April 12 -- Spring brunnera

[103] April 13 -- Coral Bells "marmalade"

Sweet Joseph and I dropped Jacob off downtown again, and we decided to visit the Shedd Aquarium.  Joseph loves dolphins and clownfish.  I was able to capture a few decent shots through all that thick glass.

[104] April 14 -- Sea turtle

[105] April 15 -- Clownfish

And that concludes my "moments" for the week--all the way from the Revolutionary War to exotic sea creatures!  Off to live life--and visit your blogs, too!

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  1. All of the pics are gorgeous. I love the spring brunnera, fife and drum, and Coral Bells "marmalade".

  2. All great shots...love the first one!

    I think you have a thing for shoes.

  3. Amazing shots! I can't pick a favorite!

  4. Wow girl. You rocked this week. I adore th colors in the flower. Awesome and that dinner looks so yummy. Recipe for the mushroom beef please. Amazing. Love the memo shot! Cute

  5. Great shots! Love the blue flowers!

  6. Love the expression on the boy in the Fife and Drum pic. And the green color on the turtle pic is wonderful. Always love looking at your pictures!