Monday, April 4, 2011

365 Project -- #85-91

Last week was supposed to be the week that I stayed home:  Baking.  Cleaning.  Chores.  Indoor photography.  At least the last item was crossed off my list.  Ellie rested in her camera bag a lot, but I did pull her out for a few indoor shots, both in my home and in my parents' home, when I helped my mom photograph items that she plans to sell online.  Without further ado, here are seven images!

[85] March 26 -- Cinnamon rolls

This flowering cactus plant in my Mom's living room caught my eye.  She has a green thumb indoors, whereas I am a houseplant killer.  Not by choice, though--I simply forget about them!  I enjoyed this nice spot of color as we just endured the 12th coldest March in 140 years (according to the news).

[86] March 27 -- Flowering cactus

She also had pretty shell-filled jars displayed on her plant table.  They brought to mind an upcoming trip to warmer climes with friends!  (I'm so excited.)

[87] March 28 -- Jar of shells

[88] March 29 -- Shell-filled jar

A basket of corks completes my mom's flower table decorations.  I used the "grain" feature in Lightroom3 to achieve a "vintage" effect.

[89] March 30 -- Corks

Candles on my mantel were a nice, warm addition to one cold evening.

[90] March 31 -- Candles and snuffer

We took the bicycles down from their hanging racks in the garage, and the guys checked them out and pumped up tires.  The reason the gears on my bicycle (below) are in excellent condition is because the bike is NEW--my dearie bought me a "hybrid" (touring/road/mountain) women's bike!  I can now ride in a skirt if I want to.  :)

[91] April 1 -- Bicycle gears

I'm now waiting for warmer temps to go riding with the guys.  It might be a while, but my dreams of spring and warmth are keeping me going. (And psst--a side note!  We went riding yesterday!  Read about it here.)

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  1. Nice week! I really like the bike have a great eye!

  2. I love the cinnamon rolls. They look so yummy. I really enjoy your photo's they really inspire me. :)

  3. You got a great week of photos - really love the cactus!

  4. Yum to those cinnamon rolls. Did you frost them? Love the corks and the editing you chose. Very nice. Yeah for a new bike. The gears shot really is cool. How did you edit that one?
    Also the candles were a favorite. I am burning candles all the time around here.

  5. All great shots! Love the first and the last!