Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Curves

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Chosen by yours truly.  :)

I actually forgot that I chose this week's theme.  And then I panicked.  *chuckle*

I stayed current with my images, using only those from this year's adventures.  For the images I wanted to share, I tried to stay away from circles.  They are curvy, of course, but I wanted curves without the completion--does that make sense?  I guess that's opposed to having straight lines in the images.  That was the direction my brain was headed, anyway.

For my header, I chose a full completed curve (an oval) filled with curves.  Here is the full image:

Okay, I'm open for business now, so I'll show you the rest of my curves.  ;)

The day after the Texas wedding I attended, we visited a mostly dry lake bed and I made some interesting captures.  One was this image of really curvy trees.

On the subject of plants, here are the gentle curves of my scilla just before blooming.

And here are the curves of the fully blooming scilla flowers.

Back inside, I have some curves in my kitchen:

Funky curves of freshly baked bread.

Curved edges of tortilla chips accent my bowl of pineapple salsa.

A curved twig with balls of ice attached.

Curved chair handles with lots of straight lines, too.

A few more images from my Texas wedding, showing off those curves!

The wedding cake.

Old plow.

Clothesline of well-wishes.

Going back home again, I found this image of half-rolled-up cinnamon rolls.  Curvy and yummy all at the same time!

Finally, here is one of the latest images I took, just a few days ago, while sitting on the bench in my special place.  That's what I call it--this back corner of back yard, with a half-finished garden and view of the pool (not that great, but the garden flowers will fill in over the summer), the house, and my vegetable garden (not seen on the left).

Some day I'll be able to enjoy the finished product here in my special place--the curves of the garden and of my bench, and of my legs crossed lazily, and of my fingers around my glass of iced tea.  Aaahh!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Nice set of - er - Curves Christine, Pardon the pun,lol.
    Yes we are OPEN also love bread,wedding cake, and Plough,Plow.

  2. I find the plow shot very appealing. That clothesline of well-wishes looks like a fun idea!

  3. I like the clean, colorful lines of the curves in your header! And some delightful curves from the wedding.

  4. Great curves, Christine. Can I have your cinnamon roll recipe? I do cinnamon rolls but yours look very different from mine and I have to make some this weekend for coffee hour.

  5. Cool curves Christine, I loved the curvy plow.

  6. Excellent set of curves... and a great header