Monday, October 7, 2013

Gear Up!

I have new gear.

Four little words.  One simple sentence.  But it's huge.  Like my grin.  :D

Ellie, my Canon EOS 40D, has been my faithful friend these past few years.  She is joined by a big sister, AnnaAnna is a Canon EOS 60D.  I'm slowly working my way up the Canon ladder, and when I make my millions (lol), I'll have the big-time camera, whatever it may be at that time.  I'll just keep on dreaming.

For now, enjoy these first images from Anna.  Of course, I put my macro lens on her and took her out.  What better way to start shooting with a new camera body, I ask?  None.

Thought I'd throw in an insect.  We've seen a lot of these around here lately.  They are amazing creatures, for sure.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Lovely flowers. Some of those shots could have been your macro header. Have fun with your camera. I stick to my two little Canons, though I would go for the newest version of my bigger one any time. Hope I have the funds available to do so when I wear this one out.

  2. Beautiful photos, and congrats on the new camera, what a blessing.

  3. I popped over here from JoAnn's blog. What beautiful photography. I've been wanting to get some new lenses for my camera to play with; I like macro photography as well and especially taking photos of nature. Have a great day. Heather