Friday, January 25, 2013

Outside Our Cozy Georgia Retreat

On my family blog, I shared about the beautiful apartment that friends of my sister Dee graciously allowed us to use for a few days before the wedding of Dee's daughter.  It was such a pretty and peaceful retreat, and I enjoyed every minute of the time we spent there.

After a refreshing sleep that Friday night, we set about making breakfast, purchasing some needed groceries, and "hanging out" for a little bit before we had to get ready to go to the church for Joanna's and Jonathan's wedding.

Given that we were in Georgia, where that Saturday's temps hovered in the 50s, we were definitely set on exploring the outside of Dave's and Kris' beautiful property.  Of course, a photographer never leaves home without her camera...

The family dog, Taffy, was out and about, and Thomas took the opportunity to give her some exercise.  She was very friendly and full of energy, being only a year or so old.  She reminded me of our family dog, Buck, from my teen and early adult years, with about the same coloring and size.

I had my macro lens on for this exploratory walk, and I loved being able to find flowers in January!

The family keeps chickens!

Yeah, they have a pool for those hot Georgia summers.  Sweet, huh?

Aaand, they grow grapes!  I really like this family.

Their property was ringed with woods, tons of pine and other trees and grasses.

On the back porch, cut firewood awaited its turn in the fireplace inside.

Flowers (yes, more flowers!) bloomed in a barrel.

The children had been out playing recently, and I spotted this triangle of kickballs.

Baby pines grew at the edge of the woods.

Around the front yard, Danny and I found a very social cat.

I took a few quick shots of some holly and berries.

I found another rose bush, but the roses had long since bloomed.  I still took a picture or two, and kept the below, my favorite even without any petals!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place to live and visit. Your photos are so pretty.