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Square Trousseau | Paris Travel

Exiting passage du Chantier.

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After our walk through le Marais and passage du Chantier, we continued along rue du Faubourg St. Antoine toward rue d'Aligre in search of le marché d'Aligre, an open-air flea market on the plaza along that street.  On the way, we passed the pâtisserie below.  This should be considered a bonus image, and not related in any way to this post.  :)

A pâtisserie we passed by in the 12th Arrondissement.

Further along, a few blocks from our destination, we happened upon square Trousseau, a pretty little public garden.

Sign at square Trousseau, a public garden along rue du Faubourg St. Antoine.

Armand Trousseau was a French doctor for whom a hospital in this location was named, and this public garden bears his name today.

My rough translation of the above sign:

History of Paris

Hospice of the Orphans (literally, "found" children)

In 1674, the General Hospital acquired the land situated between the streets of
Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, Cotte, Charendon, and Traversière 
to build a hospice (there) for orphans:  about 1,000 children
were abandoned each year in Paris.
The hospice housed 600, and was occupied by the Sisters of Charity.
Having become an annex of the Hotel Dieu,
the Hospice of Orphans was renamed Sainte-Marguerite Hospital in 1839,
prior to being transformed in 1854 into a hospital for sick children,
called Trousseau in 1880.
It was demolished in 1902 and the name of Trousseau 
was transferred to the hospital on avenue du Docteur-Arnold-Netter.

I took only one general picture of this pretty garden, since we were ready to sit and just relax for a spell.

City park at square Trousseau.

At the urging of my dearest for a photograph or two, however, I did get up a few times, just long enough to prop my camera on a nearby picnic table and set the self-timer.  Although I usually reserve personal images for my family blog, due to the lack of general park pictures you get to see a few of them here.  :)

That bird was there in both of these shots, which were taken several minutes apart!  I think he was hoping we might share bits of a snack or meal with him.

  • Nearest Métro station:  Ledru Rollin (line 8), then walk west one little block; it'll be on your right.
  • Cost:  Free.
  • What to look for:  A beautiful city park surrounded by appartement buildings.  Lush and green, lots of tables and chairs; what a great place to sit and relax in the middle of the city!
  • Combine with:  place de la Bastille, a walk down the promenade Plantée (coulée Verte), a stroll down passage du Chantier, or a visit to canal St. Martin.

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  1. Awww, love the shots of you two on the bench. How fun. :)