Thursday, July 12, 2012

Candid Images from Independence Day

I love celebrating Independence Day!  Our church hosts a wonderful get-together, and it feels like one humongous family.  Even though it was tortuously hot--104 degrees--we had a good time.  Here are some of my favorite candid images from our celebration together.

One of the dads created this really cool sprinkler, which they hooked up in the back yard.  Even the dads had a great time running through the spray!

The kids enjoyed it, too, of course.

This industrial-strength fan was a great help to those sitting around it!

Then there were those insane folks who played volleyball in the extreme heat.

This sweet girl was visiting with her parents.

We always share great conversation!

Kenton brought his vintage Jeep, too, which was pretty cool.

While the intrepid grillers grilled...

...we enjoyed games of corn toss (bags).

And some of the boys were enjoying watching Kenton fire off his mini cannon.

Food is always a feature of every gathering of Christians, and this day was no exception.

We even had musical accompaniment to our meal time.  The Sons of Liberty played patriotic music, creating a great atmosphere and reflecting the emphasis of the day's celebration.

Little ones are always fun to capture.  :)

We then had patriotic presentations.  Below, Jim read the Declaration of Independence to the audience.

The Fox River Five & Drum Corps played for us as well.  (They did not wear their wool uniforms due to the heat, but we didn't care.)

There are always distractions during any presentation, and this little boy was pointed out to me.  So of course I had to capture him.  :)

Girls' Choir

Way off in the back of the crowd, Miss J got ahold of a soccer ball.

Caleb and Andrew sang for us.

Mr. J was sweaty but happy.  Isn't he cute?

Thomas sang for us.  He has an amazing voice.

Of course, you know that my Ellie is attracted to babies and little ones.  So, here are a few of those images to round out our day together.  :)

Miss A took this opportunity to attempt to eat a candy bar while it was still in the wrapper.  Yum.

What a great day capturing lots of memories, both with my camera and treasured in my heart.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Looks like a great event. Had to LOL at the food at a Christian event... so true!