Saturday, February 25, 2012

P-2012 Week 7 -- 2/12-2/18

Project 2012
Week 7 -- February 12-February 18

1.  Take pictures
2.  Share at least one--and up to seven!
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I'm back!  Yes, I've been back for a while.  I mean, I'm back to blogging on a regular basis.  I think I'm back into my routine.  (Let's hope, anyway!)  I'm now just a few days behind, and catching up quickly.

My favorite photos

Just a couple more from the conference...  One of my food images.  I never did get one of these strawberries; for obvious reasons they disappeared very quickly.  :)

[43] Strawberry

One of the many teapots gracing the tea tables.

[44] Tea party accent

A few days later, I was pretty much photographed out.  My sister D convinced me to go on a (very chilly) golf cart ride around the community, and I took my camera for a few shots to prove I did something in Georgia other than shoot a two-day conference!  I usually take two images of every shot, so I decided to play around in post-edit with some color.  I'm fascinated with how color--or the lack thereof--can change an image's mood.

[45] Dock {color}

 [46] Dock {aged look}

If the below were taken in my Chicagoland, you would see rocks without the waterfall, which would be shut down for winter.

 [47] Neighborhood waterfall

Another water scene along the golf cart path.  The houses on the lake were impressive, to say the least.  I saturated the below shot, then went completely black and white for the next one.  I think the B&W one is the better shot with the contrast in dark trees and light sky.  However, the clouds and sky reflect beautifully in the first image.  I like them both.

[48] Lake view {color}

[49] Lake view {black & white}

That's it for this week.  I'm trying to pick up my camera again, but I'm afraid that the next time I post weekly images, I'll have more boring indoor shots of my teacups or something.  At least I'm trying.

Until next time!

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  1. Love the dock shot and the tea pot!

  2. They are all very pretty. I'm at that point of shooting things indoors too. Too cold to go outside at times, and I'm tired of the same shots from my yard. I need to find some interesting indoor shots. :)