Friday, January 21, 2011

365 Project -- #15-21

#15 -- Danny shoveling our driveway

#16 -- Sautéed vegetables with brown rice

#17 -- Sunny, Lori's yellow lab

#18 -- Butter pecan ice cream tonight.  Fruit tomorrow.  :)

#19 -- Morning snow [sepia]

#20 -- Thursday was allegedly National Popcorn Day

#21 -- Celsius (-20) sounds so much worse than Fahrenheit (-6)!!

This is my week in photos.  I'm usually a homebody during winter; that fact forces me to get creative with my camera.  I have pulled out my 100mm macro lens again, and rediscovered the joys of working close up.  It's nice to be warm when I'm shooting!  But just so you'll know I'm not a wimp, I did eat that ice cream (yum), and I went out onto my front porch in a skirt, sweater, and socks to capture the thermometer.  (I lasted about 45 seconds...)

Living life; capturing life.


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  1. I love ALL the shots! Even the one with the "s" word in it and the icky temp! :)

    Put the Popcorn shot is my fave!

  2. Hello Christine
    Thanks for stopping by. I see you have some lovely photos here.
    I post my 365s on Saturdays. Hope to see you

  3. I love the popcorn! It's my favorite shot. Thanks for stopping by! I'll look forward to seeing more of your 365 photos.

  4. As always, Christine, your shots are all wonderful!
    You and I both had exactly the same idea for one of our shots this week, I won't tell you yet, mine will be up late this evening.

  5. Wow - those are some awesome photos! Great week!

  6. You are dedicated to go out in SOCKS for that thermometer picture! There's a reason so many of mine are taken through the same window-it's cold out there! Like others I think the popcorn shot is my favorite!

  7. Hi, welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog. Your shots are all amazing. The popcorn photo is my favorite.

  8. Your photos are beautiful! I love the POPCORN!

  9. Your work is amazing! Very creative eye.

  10. These pictures are all gorgeous. I love the detail. The popcorn is way cool.