Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dreaming of Little Girls...

The Lord has blessed me with boys, and I love them dearly. They are amazing, full of energy and weirdness and wackiness.  My life is filled with boys!!

So there is a special tug on my heartstrings when I get to photograph little girls.  They are so wonderfully different from boys, and I marvel at their little-girlishness.  :)

Here are a couple of images from a recent photo shoot of two darling sisters.  Aren't they precious?

Below is my absolute favorite photo from this session.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. oh my, i think we are on the same boat. God has blessed me with 3 energetic boys and I have always dream of having my own baby girl. But I think that's quite far from happening now because I had my ligation.

  2. Anne, I'm smiling here. We can no longer have children, but there are some girls and young ladies in my life who bless me tremendously. We need to thank the Lord for His blessing of boys, too--they are amazing!