Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Recent Images

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Theme ~ Recent Images

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I frequently take pictures as the weather warms, so this week's theme is an easy one for me!  Let's begin with my double rainbow, which I actually anticipated (usually I'm clueless).  Storms had headed off to the east on this particular evening, and I guessed that with the late evening sun, there would be a rainbow.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were two, and the most complete I'd ever seen.  Living in the suburbs means that rainbows will be cut off by houses, buildings and trees.  But this one was pretty amazing.

I discovered a new recipe:  skillet cake.  Made right in my cast iron skillet, this is a super moist cake with a not-too-sweet frosting.  I've actually made it three times since my first attempt!

Our state homeschool conference was held last week, and I coordinate the struggling learners portion of it.  I invited Melinda Boring (great last name, huh?), who is anything but, to come speak to parents who are homeschooling their struggling learners and special needs kids.  Here is her most popular workshop, packed to the gills and overflowing into the hallway.

Meanwhile, back at home, Danny was dog-sitting for the director of the health clinic at which he volunteers.  Meet Daisy, a sweet and slightly goofy (and fat!) yellow lab.

My garden is coming along nicely; here are the green beans I planted, albeit later than I wanted.

We had 1/4" hail a few days ago, and I snapped this shot from the patio doorway.

I'll leave you with something sweet--not like my chocolate cake, though!  Naturally sweet strawberries, coming in like gangbusters in my overflowing strawberry patch.  We've picked three gallons so far, and short of eating them all, I may make strawberry preserves.

Happy week to you all, and see you soon!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Very cool captures Christine, keep snapping away.

  2. Great double rainbow and grand set of pics for recent shots, nice mixture, + the Cake,lol

  3. Delightful images. Love the rainbow!