Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Children's Toys

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Theme ~ Children's Toys

Chosen by Mac.

This was probably the hardest theme for me, since my boys are grown and I don't have children's toys around the house.  Plus, I went digital only six years ago, so I don't have digital images of earlier years when they had lots of toys (and I had no time to scan or take pictures of pictures!).  I had to search for quite a while before finding these images I'm sharing with you today.  Here is my header image, uncropped:

It's a little blurry, since my camera was still pretty new to me at that point.  I had the ISO at 500, which put the shutter speed at 1/20 second.  I'd definitely take this shot differently today!  Anyway, we were at a Cracker Barrel at Christmas time, and since those restaurants feature stone fireplaces and they had this one decked out in Christmas decor, I tried to take a picture.  I love the vintage metal truck!

Here are a few more toys I dug up out of the archives.

Boys will make guns with anything, and this is one made of K'nex:

A few toys, all lined up and ready for wrapping.  This particular Christmas, we chose two families for my dad's church's Angel Tree program, and we bought gifts for their children.

Below, a Teddy bear perches on a sleeping Fernando's shoulder.  This should've been my header image, but I only just found it!

That's it.  I really have to go back into my archives and keyword my older images; it would've made this week's assignment so much easier!  I'm sure I'll find some more images of toys tomorrow, as Murphy's Law goes.

Can't wait to see your images today!

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  1. Very cute Christine, your kids are young men.

  2. Fantastic images Christine, you did very well. Never heard of K-Nex like our Lego, super.

  3. Love the red car by the fire, but the teddy bear is priceless!