Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Pictures from the Past

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Theme ~ Pictures from the Past

Chosen by Lew.

For this week's theme, I resorted to pictures of pictures since I don't have a scanner.  I had taken pictures of these family pictures awhile back for a "Throwback Thursday" theme on Facebook, so I created a triptych for my header; here it is:

June 1991, 1996, 1997.

Since I scrapbook, I cropped these pictures for various scrapbook pages, hence the colored edges you see here.  Below are the individual pictures--precious memories!

Nana (Fernando's mom) sits with Joey (as we called him then) while he plays with a toy.  He was two at the time, and she came out to visit us here in Chicago.  The boys really enjoyed her being here with us.

The middle picture in my triptych was taken during a California trip when the whole family got together.  We spent a good hour posing various groups for pictures; this image below is Nana with all her grandchildren.

I love this third image in my triptych!  Nana flew out for a visit once again (with Fernando's younger brother and his fiancee).  She went out to our front porch every morning with a magazine to sit and read, and on one of those mornings, little Thomas followed her out with a book, dragged his chair right over next to her, and sat and read as they shared the morning together.  She was so tickled that a little two-year-old guy would do this with her!

Here are some more pictures of pictures I've taken, all precious memories.  All have been scrapbooked, so you will see colored borders and written descriptions.

June 1991.

The below image is the oldest one in this bunch!  On my first visit to meet Fernando's family in December 1985, I took lots of pictures.  Below is one of Fernando (21 at the time), with his niece Suzie (I always misspelled her name!!), and his dog Oso (Spanish for Bear).

Fast forward to November 1993 when Danny (our #3) was seven months old, and Suzie was a grown-up 11 years old.  What an expression!!

Fernando with his mom.

I included this image of Delia, wife to Joe, Fernando's oldest brother.  She died of cancer in her early forties, but she was known for her laughter and vibrant personality, and we all miss her still.

My final picture is also a treasured memory.  Our nephew Mike was a young teenager (or pre-teen?) at the time, and here he is with his little brother Alex, whose thumb had just been bandaged up.  I got them to make silly faces for me.  Mike was tragically killed at the age of 22, so this picture is a treasured memory of a more innocent time in his life.

Thanks, Lew, for the opportunity to travel down memory lane and ponder the precious memories of family!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Lovely family get togethers there Christine. Love the Nana and Grandchild shot

  2. Oh, technology. Besides the precious memories, take a look at that video camera Delia is carrying.

  3. Lovely family and memories - enhanced by your photography! It is so sad when they die young.

  4. Very nicely captured Christine, nice look into the past.