Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Thinking

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Theme ~ Thinking

In addition to having to think about this week's theme, I also had to think about how I was going to upload photos, write, and publish today's blog post without internet access.  Fortunately, our internet is back up today, and I had just enough time this morning to upload a few images to portray this week's theme.

Here is my header image, in full:

It is a picture of me--I set up my pose, and used my tripod and remote shutter release.  I had taken it for a blogger group's photography challenge a few years back, and I think it best portrays the theme of Thinking.  Just sitting in front of a warm, cozy winter fireplace, thinking about spring.  Besides being a great thinking image, I think it's a great image for today since we're once again facing one of the coldest days of winter.  :)

Here are just a few more that I could find in the few minutes I had once our internet was working again.  This first one was taken at a mother/daughter event, using my 70-300mm lens.  She didn't know I was taking this, so I think I got a sweet thinking pose without even trying.

My only other "thinking" image is from another event, a Columbus Day cook-off.  I was the photographer for the day, which was a lot of fun since I knew over half the people there.  This guy below is my cousin, Al, and he posed for me with pen in hand, thinking about which dish would get his vote for first place.

I can't take selfie credit for the below; Danny had grabbed my camera and snagged this shot of me.  On Christmas night, after everyone left, someone realized we had never looked in our stockings.  Some sweet angel had put several gift cards in mine!  We were goofing off, and I grabbed my stocking stuffers and held them like a deck of cards.  I'm thinking, "Now--which place will I go first, and what will I get?"

I hope y'all had more time to think about your thinking post today!  Can't wait to see what my fellow "headbangers" have thought up!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. So Christine, you are a quick Thinker.
    Great shots of thinking Family and friends.

  2. I like the way you cropped your header, and draw us in with the way your head is positioned. Very smart!

  3. Nicely done! I am thinking the fire will feel good about now, as your cold air has come to call. That is a great protrait of your daughter. She is intently thinking about something other than the camera!

  4. Neat stories of the photos and loved your take on the theme Christine.