Monday, September 9, 2013

The Animals on the Hill

Dogs and cats, cats and dogs!  At this Wisconsin farm, there were now animals to photograph!  More specifically, baby animals.  What fun!

These kittens are not pets.  They are--or will be--barn cats.  Hobbes, the orange tabby, is spunky and adventurous, friendly and fearless.  His half-sister, Nala, is quite the opposite.

Hobbes and Nala

Nala was elusive and it was hard to catch her with the camera.  I did get a nice pose below.

It started sprinkling a bit, and afterwards, Nala hopped up on the patio table to lick her way across.  It was a great opportunity to capture her.

The spunky Hobbes

Sadly, a few days after these images were taken, Hobbes and Nala disappeared.  After a few days, Hobbes came back, skittish and afraid.  Nala never returned.  Bryan, the farm owner, guessed that they may have had an encounter with a coyote.  Hobbes quickly reverted to his playful self, and was joined later by another kitten.

The barn kittens were fun to photograph, but I think Bryan's new house dog (which will become the family pet) is seriously the cutest dog on the planet.  Her name is Zoe, and she is a cockapoo.  Just look at her with her little biscuit (and blue octopus toy)!

How could anyone resist a face like that?  She is simply adorable, and if I were in the market for a pet, I'd take her brother, who was available at the time.  In a shout-out to her breeders, visit their Facebook page.  Her fur is so soft, she doesn't shed, and she is a smart little puppy.  Although I must say, by this time she has probably grown and is not as little anymore!

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