Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Header Challenge ~ Romance

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!


Theme ~ Romance

I'm joining in the group above for this weekly challenge.  This is my very first time doing this, so it's all new to me; thus, it is all Greek to me.  ;)

The goal is to create a  header along the week's theme, and the participants visit each other's blogs, view headers and images, and vote for the best one.

As I sit here creating this post, I can't help but laugh at my very first attempt to to this.  You see, the theme is perfect.  And it's perfect because tomorrow is Fernando's and my anniversary.  And it's perfect because exactly one year ago, to this very day and minute, we were in Paris, celebrating our silver anniversary.  We had never done anything like this before.  Some of you may know we never had a honeymoon.  So this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime event for us.

And, this week's theme of romance is perfect because it allows me to go down Memory Lane and relive the most romantic time in my life.  Because, right now, Fernando is in the hospital with back/spine issues, and the most romantic thing we can do is (sort of) snuggle on his hospital bed and watch a movie together.  So I'm very happy to relive this romantic trip.

Here's the full image from the header:

On our first night in Paris, we decided to walk the one kilometer from our appartement down to the Seine River.  The above photo was our first view of that river, and it couldn't have been more perfect.  That bridge, pont Marie, became my favorite bridge, and I saw it almost every night we were there.

And, to continue the memories, here are just a few more images from our anniversary trip.

The Métro.

Iconic Métro sign.

The Pyramide at the Louvre.

Fountains in the jardin des Tuileries.

Jardin de la Vallée Suisse ~ Little garden tucked away in the heart of Paris.

View of Paris from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

One of the most romantic symbols in the world.  :)

Boat ride along the Seine.

Place des Vosges, first planned city square in Paris.

On our second-to-last night in Paris, we went back to avenue Champs-Élysées to see the Arc de Triomphe one last time, and enjoy a beautiful night out.  At one point it started to rain, which bugged me until I saw the image I captured (below), with its rainy boulevard, shining street lamps, headlights and taillights, and rain droplets on my camera lens.  Perfect.  :)

Thanks for visiting today!

Post-Challenge Update:   This post won silver in the Headbanger Challenge!  *woot!*

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Welcome Christine to our Header Challenge and becoming a HEADBANGER.
    Nice to have you on Board.

    Ah, celebrations and The City of Romance - PARIS.
    Sorry to hear of Fernando's back probs, hope all will heal and that you both get to visit Paris again soon. - Brings back a few memories for me too, in Paris. ------PS could I have your email address please, so we can send our votes and results please,

  2. Congratulations to you and Fernando on your anniversary! These images are astounding! The scenes are certainly romantic and I would also add that they're postcard-perfect!

    Thanks for joining our merry band of misfits. (Well, they might have been fit as a fiddle until I was let in, anyway.) Welcome aboard!

  3. Christine: Enjoyed your Paris trip with some wonderful memories and photos. Welcome aboard.

  4. Welcome to Headbangers, Christine. Glad to have another girly slant among the gentlemen in the group. When I visited Paris there was no pyramid at the Louvre. I guess it is time to go back.

  5. Welcome to our challenge. And what a wonderful and romantic place to celebrate 25 years together! You have some wonderful images of Paris.

  6. Beautiful photos of Paris.
    These photos transport me back to our trip there....memories that are lovely ones. (Especially love the metro photos. Ahhh...the Metro. Enough said.)
    You are a wonderful photographer.