Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Header Challenge -- Welcome Home

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Theme ~ Welcome Home

Wow--my first week into this weekly challenge and I got to pick the theme for this week!  I chose based on hoping Fernando would come home from the hospital (he was in all last week for a back/spine issue), and he did come home on my birthday.  :)

But the idea also floated around in my head about taking a photograph that would portray the emotion of Welcome Home.  What things/scenes reflect this to me?  That's what I was thinking about all week, and the reason I chose my header.  Here's the full image:

No, this is not the entrance to my home.  But it is an entrance I've gone through many times over the years; it's a friend's home and we've been guests there on many occasions.  On this particular day (Labor Day, in fact), a whole bunch of us were there celebrating the holiday together.  I happened to pause on the sidewalk to simply take in this scene, and it spoke "Welcome home!" to me.  It's warm and inviting; just flip the little latch and come on up the steps to the porch.  Ring the bell and warm, friendly people will invite me in!

Here's another "entrance" that, to me, hollers out "Welcome!"  It's Bryan's new Wisconsin farm, and he's busy at work getting it ready for pasture-raised lamb, chicken, and eggs.

My own home feels welcoming when it's neat and tidy, things are picked up, and everything is in order.  During winter, a fire in the fireplace helps, too!  Here's a welcoming living room at a dear friend's home:

My mind also wandered back to a very special photo shoot for a family whose son was coming home from a stint in Iraq.  A special group called Welcome Them Home arranged for a parade right on up to the family's home, as a surprise to their soldier son and to honor his service for our country.  Here are just a few photographs to tell the story of his very special welcome home.

Red, white, and blue.

Parade of motorcycles.

Soldier and little sister.

Receiving a hug from every vet.

Soldier and mom.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Christine: I certainly enjoyed your post and photo. I especially liked the photographic captures from the soldiers return.

    1. Thank you! That solder's return was very, very special--a complete surprise to him!

  2. That's a very welcoming home! And I am glad Fernando did get welcomed home on schedule.

  3. That's great that you could be there to get pics of our soldier friend! My favorites in this set would be the Wisconsin home and the fireplace.

    1. Craver, I was very excited to be able to shoot his homecoming parade. It was an extra special occasion.

  4. Wonderful. Love the welcoming gate. I like the returning soldier homecoming. I do quilts for injured returning military through the American Hero Quilts project.

    1. Katney, that is so neat that you make quilts! I'm not very creative outside of photography, and needlework is beyond me. :)