Monday, July 8, 2013

Featured on the Web!!

Back in April, we had the opportunity to help out friends whose basement was in danger of flooding.  With April being Chicagoland's wettest April in recorded history, there was bound to be flooding.  I even had the scary experience of driving through some of the worst of it.  The day after all the flooding, I happened to drive by one part where the river was still flowing over the road, so after I finished my errands, I drove back with my camera to capture the scene and blog about it.

I blogged and posted all the photos I had taken on my family blog, put a link on Facebook, then forgot about it.  Later, Bolingbrook Patch (via Facebook) let me know that my post would be featured on their local Patch website.  I didn't think anything else of it until I returned to my bank and one of the ladies there enthused about how she saw my blog, and the link which the Patch put up to my blog.  Try as I might, I couldn't find the link!  Until, a week or so later, I happened upon it.  My computer-savvy son Danny taught me how to use a snipping took to "take" a picture of something on my screen, so I quickly did that and saved it.

Here's the Bolingbrook Patch website:

You can see the post I wrote about the flood by clicking here.

Pretty cool, huh?  *tickled pink*

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