Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Down a Golf Cart Path -- Part II

Part One ended with me getting lost.  I didn't get lost.  I just ended up that way.   Then I realized--I had a smart phone!  With maps and navigation!  I pulled up Google Maps and that pretty blue arrow glowed my exact location.  The best part--all the golf cart paths were on the map!  Good thing I love to read maps.  I soon found the next path to take.

I came across a crepe myrtle with its orange-red limbs.  So pretty in winter!

One quick trip through another subdivision--is this burning bush?

Then it was back on the cart path.  The below is something I don't see in Chicagoland--trees covered in vines.  I took pictures both vertically and horizontally, since I'm limited with my 50mm lens.

Twiny vines.

As I emerged from yet another cart path, I got "chased" by the Boston below.  I decided to take its picture with the sign.  I like it!

Another crepe myrtle--closer up.

I stopped along this path to capture the orange of the pine needles.

Now on the familiar path back to Dee's home, I spotted this flag, which I hadn't seen when I first passed by.  Someone had stuck it in this cut-off tree trunk.

I had a nice hour-plus walk, and with temps in the 60s it was positively spring-like!  Once Dee and her parents came home, we ate dinner and commenced another word game--a more familiar one this time.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. So pretty. I love the shot of the trees with the vines. :)

  2. What a great walk... I would love to take one - our days have been rainy, snowy, and cold.

    Love scrabble...