Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Cat, A Path, An Idea

Another day, another golf cart ride!  At least that's the way of things in Peachtree City.  First, though, a quick shot of the moody G.K., who despite his haughty personality, posed very nicely for the camera.

The gray day did not deter me from catching a shot of the lake.

Ooooohh--look!  A pony!  A decent knowledge of cars and you'll know that this is a Mustang.  What car does this logo belong to?

This one:

Ha!  Had you fooled.  There's the proof that there are Mustang golf carts!

On to another subdivision.  This one was treeless and reminded me a lot of the Chicago suburbs.

We drove on the path past a street, then back again.  But we missed the cart path.  There was no going down into the ditch to get back to it.  Oh, what to do?  Dee just drove along the edge of the street.  I took a picture of us breaking the law.  Well, she broke the law, anyway.

We were soon on the cart path and headed home.  We arrived 15 minutes early, but our guys were waiting for us anyway!  Fernando looks like he's picking his nose, but he's really just making a face at us.  Silly guys.

We began another fun evening by going out for barbecue--it was yummy and sustained us through another several hours of games, popcorn, and movies.

In this post title, I mentioned an idea.  While out on our cart ride, Dee and I reminisced about past years, past golf cart rides, and pictures I took in the woods--of--well, I can't tell you yet!  Ideas have a way of catching hold, and maybe this one will.  Then again, maybe it won't.  :)

You'll just have to wait and see, along with me.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Love the kitty!

    And the project... not fair for us to not know.

  2. I love the cat picture, so cute. Hope you will share the project with us soon. :)