Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 52 -- Shadows

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

I'm linking up with Darcy for Project 52.
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This week's challengeShadows

My photo:

My thoughts:

I thought about shadows all week, but was too busy to pick up my camera, and Thursday evening came rushing at me.  I was drained, but pulled Ellie out of her bag and took some shots of chair backs and other shadows cast by the soft indoor light.  Outdoors had been a bust most of the week, since it was cloudy.  So I had to settle.

The setup:

My two youngest guys sympathized with my plight, and they goofed off making hand shadows on the floor.  After several attempts, I chose the above image (pardon the badly-placed watermark!).  Thomas' hand is not actually touching the floor, but it looks like it is.  I thought that was cool.  The shadow was blurry from higher up, so I kept shooting as he moved his hand closer to the floor.  In Lightoom3, I turned the image black and white, pushed up the exposure, and added extra black and shadow to the image for contrast.  Then I added some very coarse grain to the image.

Camera settings:

  • ISO 800
  • Manual mode
  • 50mm portrait lens
  • Aperture at f2.8
  • 1/40 second shutter speed

One more hand shadow shot (compliments of Danny, my #3):

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  1. Very nice! I had been too busy until yesterday as well. Better late than never!

  2. Hey Christine,

    These were great. I haven't been taking many pictures this week too. And the ones from last week, well...we won't discuss!

    Hope you have a blessed weekend♥

  3. Very cool! Thanks again for posting the camera settings!

  4. Shadows can be hard to get in the winter for some of us in the north. I don't follow Darcy's but noticed it was shadow this week so I linked up my swing shot. Thankful for the sun we got this week!