Tuesday, February 28, 2012

P-2012 Week 8 -- 2/19-25

Project 2012
Week 8 -- February 19-February 25

1.  Take pictures
2.  Share at least one--and up to seven!
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I'm finally caught up!  Woot!!  Leaving town for several days was not good for my blogging.  (But who cared?  I had a blast.)  My images were taken at the end of the week; I thought I might be in trouble again with leaving Ellie sitting in her bag during the week, but I had lots of shooting opportunities.

My favorite photos

It snowed Thursday night!!  Actual snow!!!  (I shouldn't be excited but we've had very little of the white magic this winter.)  I had a "date" with my mom all day Friday to help her begin the de-cluttering process in her house.  She picked me up at my house, and on the drive to hers, I wistfully stared out the car window at the magical snow-covered trees along the river.  She let me have a few minutes once we got to her house, so I ran outside sans coat and snapped several shots. The below was the most magical-looking.

[50] A day of wonderland

Saturday brought the ICTM Regional Math Tournament, so Fernando and I drove Thomas to the campus of North Central College, my alma mater.  Below is the math team praying just before they dispersed to take their various tests.

 [51] Math team prayer

I escorted Thomas and Kirsten to their eight-man competition.  Since Alpha Omega is such a new, small team, T and K competed by themselves against several other fully-manned teams.  It was rough on them, but a good first experience and great preparation for future tournaments.  I wandered back across campus to our team's home room, stopping along the way to reminisce and to shoot various scenes.  The bark on this tree caught my eye:  rough and brown along the trunk, smooth and white along its branches.  I love how the below image turned out.

[52] Tree beauty

Some of the branches had ice tips on them.

[53] Ice-tipped branch

And the pine trees still had snow clinging to their needles.

[54] Snowy pine

Before going to the awards ceremony, the team gathered for a group shot.

[55] Alpha Omega Math Team

Finally, after the awards ceremony, I snapped this shot of Sts. Peter & Paul Church.  I believe it is the tallest building in Naperville.

[56] Steeple

All in all, I'm happy with my images this past week.  Same is good, but I'm in a winter mood and want new and different.  Last week satisfied that desire.  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. They all look so nice, but I really like the picture with snow, so pretty. :)

  2. Love the tree beauty shot! But they are all lovely!