Friday, February 24, 2012

Project 52 -- Cabin Fever

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This week's challengeCabin Fever

My photo:

My thoughts:

After family devotions on Wednesday night, my husband started ordering our guys to "clean up this mess!"  He was flabbergasted when I stopped him.  After all, I'm the organized, neat, and tidy one in the family.  Unbeknownst to him, I already had this photo in my mind.

The setup:

Although I envisioned both Thomas (my 15yo, above) and his brother Danny (18 and loves to make the goofiest faces imaginable for the camera) in my image, Thomas would work in a pinch.  Danny was too busy that morning writing a short essay in Spanish.  I cajoled Thomas into sitting down on the floor in the middle of the mess, and I stood on the computer desk chair to snap the image.  The above is the first picture I took, and I chose it because it didn't get any better than that.  I had wanted him to make a pull-your-hair-out-while-screaming face, but he was not in a good mood (see the picture below).  Of course, not being in a good mood was good for the theme!

Note--nothing else in the photo was staged; the clutter (mostly three guys' school stuff) appears as it actually lay from the night before.  Half an hour after I took the shots, my living room was back to its beautiful, tidy self.

Camera settings:
  • ISO 1600
  • Manual mode
  • 17-85mm lens at 17mm
  • Aperture at f4
  • 1/50 second shutter speed

Because the photo was just what I envisioned, post-edit was simple and quick.  This week's image was all about composition--what I was actually going to shoot--not changing the image significantly with editing.  In Lightroom3, I increased the contrast, brightened the image a tiny bit, and added some grain, which I think works well with both high ISO and lots of busy-ness in an image.

 Toldja he wasn't in a good mood!

Don't worry; he's partially "faking" the above.  He soon became his sweet self (breakfast helped).  I mean--how many 15-year-olds give their moms random hugs throughout the day?  :)

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Sweet! Is that new home school curriculum? I love new books!

    1. Kim, that's just all their schoolbooks--my 15yo in homeschool high school, and my two older boys' college books, assignments, and various paperwork that found its way all over the family room floor. :)

  2. Too funny! That's how my daughter acts when I ask her to clean up!

  3. love the perspective on this shot. great photo!

  4. I love the setup. This shot is great and represents cabin fever so well.

  5. I think we have the same sort of boys !!!

  6. Great shots. Very nice of your son to humor you by being your model. He did it perfectly. I love the perspective too.

  7. Love the perspective and your interpretation. And my living room looks like that too, only substitute legos and puzzle pieces for the books and papers.

  8. love the perspective on these! great pictures!