Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tea

I love tea!  I inherited the enjoyment of tea-drinking from my dad, a Brit by ethnicity.  I never seemed to pick up on the coffee craze, though my mom is Italian and she frequently drank the brew and even shared it with me.  (I fondly remember taking sips, then commenting, "Eee-yuck!")

To drink a cup of tea is a delight.  Even more delightful is sharing tea with friends--girl friends!  As the only girl in my family, I treasure tea time with other girls (should I say ladies?).  Okay--girls young and older!  So when one of my friends hosted a Christmas Tea, I brought my camera along to capture the afternoon.

A Christmas Tea means decorations on the table

Tea pot, and goodies to share

Each lady brought her own tea cup to use; what fun to see all the different kinds!

The ladies took turns sharing the story behind their tea cups.  Every tea cup has a story, from thrift store find, to an heirloom from a beloved grandmother.

Amid laughter and merriment, we partook of treats and fellowship.

The lone boy at the party!

Lori prepared a short devotional for us.

She even made gingerbread men, with the devotional attached, for each of us!  I took mine home, but never got a chance to put the buttons or face on.  Hungry boys appeared in the kitchen upon my arrival, and the gingerbread man did not escape.  :)

How sweet is the fellowship of my sisters in Christ!

Treasuring life's moments,

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1 comment:

  1. Oh it sounds like such a sweet time, and the pictures are great.

    I went to a woman's tea in November this year, I've always liked them. I've been on a hot chocolate crave, but I think it would be better to start drinking more tea again. :)

    Merry Christmas. :)