Tuesday, December 27, 2011

365 Project -- #351-357

This is the time in my week when I look back at the images I've captured
throughout the previous week, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

December 17 - December 23

Last week was filled with preparations for Christmas Day.  (I have a theme for my images!!)  Here are some of the things that happened (or were prepared) during last week:

Jacob is so helpful, but he's always spilling things.  :)

 [351] Spilled tomatoes

I hung decorative rope along our stairway, and used craft clothespins to hang all the Christmas cards and letters we received.  It's so fun to look at them as I walk by, and remember the blessings of friends from all over the world.

 [352] Stairway of cards

While my grinder was filling the bowl with wheat pastry flour, I decided to snap a picture.

[353] Grinding grain

I made eggnog banana muffins with the freshly ground flour.

[354] Eggnog banana muffins

I bought a pineapple to cut up on Christmas Day.

[355] Pineapple

The boys helped me rearrange--just a little bit--our family room in order to create a little more space for our extended family.  Our whole clan is only 11 people, but our family room is small.  I love it when the room is clean and inviting!

[356] A clean family room

We placed Frasier fir boughs along our fireplace mantel.  The boughs were from our Christmas tree when we cut off the lower branches to fit it in the tree stand.  Then, we randomly placed some of my mom's crocheted snowflakes among the branches, and stuck a felt bow in the middle.  I put a photo of my parents in the branches as well.  We hung the stockings--all made by my mom--and put a vase of flowers (from my flute student) in front of the fireplace.  Pretty!

[357] Christmas fireplace

Everything was set to go!  We had a beautiful Christmas weekend, with a peaceful Saturday together, and a bright, happy Sunday which started with church and ended with family, with celebration sprinkled throughout.  I hope you also had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Looks like it was a great weekend for you family. The eggnog banana muffins sound yummy!

  2. I love all the pictures, but the picture of the grain was cool. :)