Friday, August 5, 2011

A Graduate and a Guitar

When I initially scheduled this high school senior portrait session, I knew it would probably be a hot, humid day.  That's a typical late July in Chicagoland.  What I didn't know was that our thermometer would hit 100 degrees twice that particular week, and that our evening photo shoot would take place as the thermometer settled down to 95 degrees.

I brought along a towel for "mopping up sweat" purposes, but it turned out that I needed it much more than Logan did!  I hadn't seen Logan since he was very young, so I was a bit nervous meeting him for the first time as an adult.  But Logan turned this photo shoot into a chat session with lots of pictures, smiles, quirky looks, and laughter.  My assistant Danny came along to help lug equipment, Logan's extra clothing and/or guitar, etc.

And, wow the location!  Lake Renwick Forest Preserve was beautiful, even at 95 degrees.  Walking paths, ponds and lakes, trees, fences, steps--it was a great location for a photo shoot.  I believe I'll visit there again for photo shoots with other southwesterly-located clients.

Logan has an easy smile and is an easy conversationalist.  Though many of his more interesting expressions didn't make it into his official photo gallery, he had some great ones.  Enjoy this expressive young man!

My first client to wear flip-flops to his photo session!

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. Love these Christine! You have captured some great shots and unique ones. Have a good weekend.

  2. Stunning! You captured so many great memories!!!

  3. Hi,

    Really nice photos! I love how you took the photos from different perspectives. Bravo!


  4. Beautiful! I hope that my shoot goes half as good. Lovely shots.