Monday, August 8, 2011

365 Project -- #211-217

This is the time in my week when I have the opportunity to look back
at the images I've captured the week before, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

A hot summer means JUMPING...

[211] July 30 -- Jumping Danny

...into the pool with a SPLASH!

[212] July 31 -- Splash!

It means ARACHNIDS hiding...

[213] August 1 -- Garden spider I pick my summer HARVEST.

[214] August 2 -- Summer harvest

Summer is NEIGHBORS getting together...

[215] August 3 -- Kevin

...and evening STORMS that turn into...

[216] August 4 -- Storm in the east

...pretty SUNSETS as night settles in.

[217] August 5 -- Suburban summer sunset

Short and sweet--that's my week.  It was a very good week, with a few very bad spots.  But the Lord is good, and everywhere I look I can capture His promise, His joy, His beauty.  I hope you look for it in your week this week, even amidst the trials that will come.  God bless you!

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. The storm clouds behind the house are gorgeous.

  2. Amazing capture of the storm. Love it! Your neighbor little Kevin is sooooooo cute. Love that curly hair. Great jump and splash shots. Cool