Friday, August 12, 2011

Enchantment, Sweet and Serious

Little clients are simply enchanting. It took all of three minutes for me to be enchanted with this little beauty. She was a bit shy of me at first, so I casually commented that I was taking pictures, and proceeded to do so. She plopped down next to me a few minutes after that, and I asked her if she wanted to take a picture. Next thing y'know, my camera strap was around her neck and she was "snapping" away. I helped her take pictures of the sky, the trees, and the ground. I made a friend. :)

And oh! the conversation was scintillating! I learned all about her best friends, and how she went swimming in her pool that day, more about her best friends, then I became one of her best friends, and of course, since it was evening, we talked about the little moths flying around, and the "light bugs" we spotted at the edge of the woods.

And that's how a mini photo session was born. Meet sweet, serious Megan:  conversationalist extraordinaire, deep three-year-old thoughts, and serious looks when I pointed my camera toward her. I hope I captured some of the sweet, serious delight that is Megan.

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. What a cutie. Do we get to see any of her shots?

  2. Amy, most of her shots were of the sky and the ground, lol. I had my telephoto lens on at the time, and was helping her aim the camera. I was trying to get some people far off, but I'm terrible at aiming when I can't look through the viewfinder. But she was pretty thrilled anyway at having a huge camera to "play" with. :)

  3. She is so cute. I love photographing candid kid shots. So fun!