Monday, September 6, 2010

Tucker: The Dog Days of Summer

Yep, summer is for the dogs.  Well, no, not really, but the days from July 3 through August 11 are considered to be the dog days of summer.  Really, it's just a celestial thing.

I don't think dogs really enjoy summer.  They pant and lie around looking miserable on those scorching so-called dog days.  It takes something special to perk up their ears and put them in motion.  Like a Jet Ski.

Tucker is my cousins' dog.  He's still pretty much a puppy, which means he's normally pretty playful.  But this particular afternoon was hot.  However, Terri decided to take the Jet Ski for a spin.  And Tucker knew what was coming.

He waited, not patiently, while Terri made sure everything was running smoothly.  Then she cruised in to the bay, and Tucker jumped on.

After the ride, Tucker seemed to be in a better mood.  Of course, it helped that Danny spent some time giving him a good petting.

Ahh, a dog's life.  But only sometimes.  :)

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