Thursday, September 9, 2010

Frisbee + Water = Fun

There's something about a Frisbee.

When a Frisbee appears, I whip out my Ellie and start shooting.  There's something about action that compels me to capture that perfect moment, just as fingers touch the edge of that disk.

I can take endless photos of whatever sport I happen to be watching in order to snatch that one perfect shot.

How much more detail I can capture when that disk is flying above the water!

But the best Frisbee photo (so far) in my collection was not taken by me!!  Danny has that honor, and I post his picture here because I love it.  (That's my dad in the lower corner, looking on.)

I will continue to doggedly pursue perfection.  ;)

Living life.
Capturing life.


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  1. Mrs. S,

    I love your pictures! You have real talent.

    I'm just curious why you call your camera Ellie, though. :)

    Miss S

  2. Thank you, Miss Sarah! Ellie is was popped into my mind when I thought of my camera. Maybe because it's an Eos Rebel, something with an "E"? I'm not sure, but usually when a name pops into my head, I can't get it out, and thus it sticks. :)

    Mrs. S