Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tooley Pond Road

I love the Midwest!  People are generally straightforward, honest, and hardworking.  I love the change in seasons (praise the Lord for both a/c and heat!).  I do miss the ocean, however.  I grew up in Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey just a few miles from the Atlantic.  I haven't been there since I was about 15.  I lived in Norfolk, Virginia for a year when Fernando and I were first married, so I saw the ocean a time or two.  But it has now been 22 years since I've physically been standing at the edge of the Atlantic.  I'll go back pretty soon, I hope.

One thing I don't get much of in the Prairie State is waterfalls.  So our family determined to take the opportunity to search a few out in the Adirondacks.

Tooley Pond Road is about an hour from Lake Bonaparte, just west of Cranberry Lake.  Once we figured out that the trailhead to each waterfall was clearly marked, we took off through the forests in search of some roaring water.

The first waterfalls--Rainbow Falls--were the prettiest to photograph.

A quick snapshot.

With tripod set up and smallest aperture possible.

Same set-up a little farther downriver.  I like this photo best.

OK, a shot from Danny that proves I hiked over rocks in a skirt.  :)

I'm showing you the next photo because it is funny.

It may not look funny.  Several of my "family photos" were taken with the help of a plug-in remote, a ten-second timer, and a 17-year-old who can clamber over boulders and make it back into his spot just in time.  However, when the sun is shining in your eyes, everyone is counting down, Fernando asks, "Is it ready?" and Thomas sneezes moments before the shutter clicks, it is funny.  I don't think I'll choose this one for our Christmas photo.

Living life.
Capturing life.


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  1. Hello Sweet Friend! No kidding? Over 20 years since you've physically stood at the Atlantic??? Lord willing we'll be fixing that next May, hmmm?

    These photos are beautiful...even that last one! Great story to go with it, loved it!