Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Weekly Header Challenge -- Memories

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Theme ~ Memories

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Here is the image I used for this week’s theme:

Although this is a recent memory, I'm really holding on to it!  Here's the story, in photos and a few words of explanation...

Thomas applied for and was accepted into BMW's advanced technician training program!  We had only three weeks to get everything in order and get him down to Orlando, Florida where the training program is.

I pulled out two boxes of stuff we had used for camping a few times, and it was perfect for Thomas' new apartment where he'll be staying while attending the program.

Fernando led the way in the Suburban, and I rode while Thomas drove his car (a used BMW!!).

Other than the first hour, this is what the entire 12-hour drive looked like...

We stopped the first night in South Carolina to visit friends, who own five acres and chickens!

Tripod and remote shutter release, and here we all are...

Then it was on to Atlanta and more good friends, and another goofy photo...

Once we were in Orlando, and while Thomas was in orientation, Fernando and I visited Cocoa Beach.  We ended up swimming among all these pelicans, which were swooping and diving all around us.  It was amazing.

Thomas had me take an "official" photo of him (with my phone) that he could post on Facebook with his news.

As we drove off from his apartment, I took a photo with my phone.  At first, I was annoyed that I had also captured the reflection of my hand in the car window.  But then, it struck me that it looked like I was trying to hold on to him.  I love the symbolism of knowing that I got to experience almost 21 years with an amazing young man before having to let him go.

In the end, I love this last photo because I realize that I never really had hold of my son; he was meant to fly.  But I know that he's in God's hands--always has been, always will be.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Great Memories Christine, and just love that last shot, magnifico.

  2. That was a neat memory of the trip, thanks for sharing Christine.