Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- Through the Open Door

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Through the Open Door/Gate

Chosen by Mac.

My photos tell the story of what I saw through our open front door a few weeks ago, with the last photo being the one I used for my header.  On to the story...

One delivery came, below:  a box of mechanic's tools!  The was the second of three separate shipments.  Thomas was at tech school at this time, so missed the delivery.  The boxes were extremely heavy, so I had the UPS driver get this box into the foyer.  I slid it enough to get the door closed, then let Thomas deal with it when he returned home.

Once he had the two delivered boxes of tools, he just lacked the tool box.  Below, he was home for that delivery, and was as excited as a 20-year-old can get!

Out the front door he flew... greet the UPS driver for this delivery.  (I shot most of these photos through the open garage door, mind you!!)

The driver brought out the box on a crate--the box was super heavy!

Here is my final photo below, and the one I used for my header.  He's positioning the box just so in our garage, and his goal is to get it organized with all his tools.  He has since graduated (October 14) from auto/diesel tech school, and is in the midst of his employment search.

I shot the above photo through the door from the house into the garage, and Thomas is standing in the open garage door area--so this photo is through two doors!

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  1. Interesting story Christine through open doors.
    I Guess then, you don't Garage your car,lol.