Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- Gardens

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Theme ~ Gardens

Chosen by me.

When I chose the theme for this particular week of June, I thought for sure I'd have beautiful images of my flower gardens to share with you.  Then I got a job.

So, here I am this week, sharing images from gardens--whatever ones I've taken pictures of.  Oh, and with a few thrown in from previous years, so I can show off my flowers.  :)

Here is the image I'm using for my header.  I wandered through my raised bed gardens the morning after a nice long rain, and I caught the raindrops in the rays of the morning sun.

Here's another leaf, backlit by the sun.

Where there are spring strawberry leaves, there are bound to be strawberry blossoms!

Those blossoms turn into baby strawberries...

...which turn into red, juicy strawberries!

The sage in my garden bloomed before I could harvest anything, so I took some pictures, then eventually pruned it back.

Below, this Greek columnar basil is a new variety for my garden this year.  It's supposed to be similar to the standard basil we all love turning into pesto!

Earlier this spring, the daffodils bloomed in my front yard flower gardens.

Here's a somewhat embarrassing photo of one of my front yard flower gardens the guys help me build.  It's overgrown with oregano and daisies.

Part-way through Danny and I working on cutting things back, weeding, and generally cleaning up, I snapped a photo of this variegated beard tongue.  It usually proliferates in my garden, but it has died off and only three or four plants remain.

In my front porch garden, Siberian bugloss (brunnera) blooms with tiny bright blue/periwinkle flowers.  I love their color!

In what I term a major accomplishment, two of my gardens are blooming.  This is a June photo from last year, since the yellow flowers (threadleaf coreopsis) aren't in bloom yet.

There you have it--my gardens, such as they are, this week!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Beautiful! Sometimes life just overtakes photography!

  2. Fun garden shots Christine, the strawberries look wonderful.

  3. Lovely.

    Oregano really takes over, doesn't it.