Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Melting

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Theme ~ Melting

Chosen by Lew.

This hasn't exactly been the hottest summer...which is what I thought of when I read this week's theme.  So as I was thinking about which images I would choose today, it was either "hot summer" or my chocolate ganache dripping down the sides of my chocolate peanut-butter-cup cake...

So, I dug back a few years to 2012, when we almost literally melted all summer long!  I cropped a vertically oriented picture to show you what I mean; here's the full, uncropped header image:

One hundred two, or maybe higher--but at those numbers it doesn't really matter.  Hot is hot and that's what that summer was.  For an outdoor Independence Day picnic we attended, they had the heavy-duty fans plugged in and blasting away.

They even set up a homemade sprinkler that the kids could run through, and the kids--and some adults--hung out there all afternoon.

The kids were at the point of just standing in front of one of the spouts, so that the water would spray right on them.  Everyone was hot!

A nice, juicy piece of watermelon cooled off this little guy.

That's it for melting!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Phew, thats hot, no wonder ev1 was MELTING.

  2. You got what I was thinking, though the temps cooled as I got ready to take photos. My kids and grand-kids loved the sprinklers also.

  3. We have had entirely too many triple digit days this summer, and way earlier than usual. We even set a record for how many days in a row over 100. There comes a point where we see hope there are some good movies out, as the theater ac is the best in the area.

    1. Wow, Kathy. We've had summers like that here in Chicago, but definitely not this one! And there's nothing like going to a movie to beat the heat!!