Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Recent Photos

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Theme ~ Recent Photos

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With the absence of our friend and fellow photographer Craver, we have an open theme slot from time to time.  This week is the first open slot, and everyone agreed on Photos Taken in the Last Month.  This is a perfect theme for my Midwest photographer's heart because spring is coming!!!!  There are signs everywhere, and I was out this week and last taking pictures.  Here is the image I used for my header, full of lovely green color and the promise of spring:

Moss in my front porch garden.

I took the above photo at ground level, with my 100mm macro lens.  I set the aperture to f/7.1 to get a bit of depth, but since the camera was on the ground, it's still a very dreamy image full of bokeh.  Shutter speed was 1/80 second; another reason for balancing the camera on the ground--sharp focus.

I continued to wander around my front and back yards to see if there were other signs that spring is on its way.  Here are a few more signs!

Daylilies popping up in my back yard patio garden.

Oregano peeping through in my front yard brick garden.

Buds on one of the maple trees in my front yard.

Here are a few images I took last week, on the first beautiful spring day of the year.  Fernando and I dropped Thomas off at Universal Technical Institute, then headed down the road to visit the Morton Arboretum together.  Not only did we visit, we purchased a two-year membership!  This beautiful preservation is filled with collections of trees and plant life, and the foundation offers educational classes, a library, a photography society (I want to join!!), and lots of other programs.  It's a beautiful place to wander, bird watch, and take pictures, of course!  Since it's not even a mile from Thomas' school, we will have plenty of opportunities to visit, explore, and relax.

Bench and Meadow Lake.

I think this is going to be my favorite tree in the Arboretum!

One last picture, at Lake Marmo in the Arboretum, with the melting snow and rushing water.

Ah, Spring, how I love thee!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. We often visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum when we are with our daughter. She has a membership and it has guest privileges. Our Yakima Arboretum has free admission and we wander there from time to time. The arboretum will offer you many photographic opportunities, even if you do not join the photo club.

    1. The Morton Arboretum has reciprocating memberships, too! I hope to visit other arboreta as I travel around the country. And I am looking forward to taking lots and lots of pictures here, whether I join the MAPS or not!

  2. Lovely show of Spring Christine.

  3. Nice to see bits of green popping up from the trees and ground! It will be fun to see the changes in that tree as the seasons change.

    1. Lew, thanks for your comments. I hope I remember to go back out to the maple tree for more pictures as the leaves develop! I loved the look of the photo I took, all washed out in the light except for the bud, and the dreamy bokeh of the branches!

  4. Very nice Christine, so fun to see the signs of the season fast approaching.

    1. I'm sure you're seeing signs of spring where you are, too, Tom!