Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Smile

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Smile

A big welcome to Tom W, a new (to me) participant in the Weekly Header Challenge!

What a great theme this week!  Many of us need a nice, big smile after our long, cold, snowy winter.  In choosing my images, I went for the cuteness factor.  And what can be cuter than kids?  Not much.  :)

I also stuck with my current images, choosing from ones I've taken just this year.  The main reason for that is I don't have to change catalogs in my editing software (Lightroom), which adds an extra headache or two onto the process.  Someday I'll be able to dedicate a whole day--which is what it'll take--to getting some help debugging the software; for now, I stuck with my current year's catalog.

Here's my full header below, taken at a wedding just last weekend.  I didn't cut too much off the image, since everything from top to bottom is vital to its composition.  I love all their expressions, these cute little flower girls and ring bearers!  I love the two ladies peeking around the door to make sure the kids start down the aisle at just the right moment.  I love that they're all sweetly holding hands.  And I love those cute silver shoes, too.

And, I love how, as they walked down the aisle, they made everyone smile.

In my cache of images, I went back a few weeks to another wedding, in mid-February in Texas.  We were blessed with 70-degree weather and no rain for this particular wedding--just one week later they were in the 30s with rain, freezing rain, and sleet!

Below, the little flower girl (daughter of the groom) was twirling through the barn in her pretty dress.  I saw her twirling and immediately started shooting.  Only afterwards did I realize my settings were all off, since she was twirling in the light and my camera settings had been set for the dark interior of the barn.  With a lot of tweaking (I don't think it's called tweaking at that point!) I was able to save the series of images.

These two young men are brothers.  The little guy has Down Syndrome, and I have a special place in my heart for special kids like him.  He was a sweetheart, and when I asked the pair if I could take their picture, they immediately snuggled in together, arm in arm, and smiled for me.

That cute twirling flower girl gained a mama that afternoon, and here they are hugging after the ceremony, the new mama wearing her beautiful wedding dress and daddy's suit jacket to ward off the wind.

That's all the smiles I could find this week; I can't wait to smile some more as I visit your blogs!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Real cute and being Wedding smiles, what better.

  2. The new momma photo is touching, and a very important moment in the lives of these two ladies. I like the professional quality of your pics and the one with the brothers is especially good. Perhaps nobody was smiling in the header, but looking at it made me smile.

  3. What a great place to get smiling people. Kids are really great subjects Christine.

  4. Hello there Christine Anne, and thankyou for the welcome... I'm looking forward to joining in again after a break.
    Lovely pictures, and how stunning are the childrens smiles. ... excellent theme!

  5. Nothing like a wedding with little ones present to bring smiles to everyone! The over exposed dancer makes an interesting surreal sequence.

  6. I love the expressions on the kids' faces. None of them smiling, but we sure are.