Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Don't Rock the Boat

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Theme ~ Don't Rock the Boat

I took this week's theme, chosen by Mac, quite literally.  Here is the full image of my header:

This is my dad's boat, and in the image above, he and my mom are giving Jacob and Thomas a ride home from Winter Bay (one of the bays on Lake Bonaparte).  This lake is one of my favorite places on earth!

This boat, a Cadillac, is special.  My Grandpa acquired it for use on the lake, and after his death, it pretty much sat.  The horn (above) makes this awesome Ah-OOOH-gah! sound, and whoever had the boat out would blow that horn upon his return to the dock at Jackson Rock on the east shore.  While the boat sat, my cousin put the horn on his boat.  When my dad refurbished the Caddy, the horn found its rightful spot on the boat, and there it stays.

My dad and mom go for a ride.

Every autumn, everyone takes his boat out of the lake for the winter.  My dad's boat removal turned into a ritual, with lots of people helping to get it out of the water and into the shed.

Set for the winter.

Other boats on Lake Bonaparte.

My cousin Al and his wife Terri own a Jet-Ski, and below you can see Terri whizzing by while their dog Dakota (who since died) eagerly waits.

Dakota gets a ride.

There are a few avid sailboaters on the lake, and on a breezy day it's nice to see them sailing by.

My parents also own bright neon green open kayaks.  They are super fun and easy to maneuver, and although they will rock with the waves on the lake, they are not easy to tip.

Fernando spots for Jacob swimming across the bay.

Pontoon boats are popular on our little lake.

Relaxing on an autumn boat ride, the last of the season.

Fernando and the guys fishing.

Of course, Fernando goes out fishing as much as possible.

Jacob and his friend Nathan headed out on the lake.

The pontoon boats require more power to get removed from the lake at the end of the season.

Power boats!  It's always fun to watch people waterski and tube.

That's it for Lake Bonaparte.  The last image I want to share is one I took in Sebastian, Florida, on a trip where we spent a week with friends in their timeshare beach cottage.  I took this at Captain Hiram's, a restaurant on the Atlantic Ocean.  Their food was amazing, and so were the views!

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  1. Beautiful all shots, but really like the last one, so tranquil. Well posted

  2. Looks like your family has a lot of fun on the water. Mom and Dad don't rock the boat, but it looks like Dakota likes a more exciting ride!

  3. Very nice header... and wow that like is a stunner.

  4. Remembering some fun times on the water, neat boat photos.