Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Spring is Coming

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Theme ~ Spring Is Coming

I needed some color in my life!!  I was happy, to say the least, with this week's theme.  We've had our third worst winter in recorded history here in Chicagoland, and many of us are longing for something other than white, and now, brown.  I was perfectly happy to choose the brightest, most colorful sign of spring that I could find.  Here is my full image, below.

Spring crocuses.

Birds returning to our area are also a welcome sign of spring.

Robin -- the iconic sign of spring.

Swans at a local bird rookery.

Geese at a pond at the end of my street.

For the past several years, the first birds we see as a sign of spring are Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  They apparently live in our back yard, and our pool is their pond.  I hope they return this year, since our pool was a casualty of the many days of subzero weather.

Other animals emerge in spring, too.

Back to my header--flowers!  Anything green and growing is most welcome by this time of year!

Emerging day lilies.

Buds on a flowering tree.



Scilla, a spring bulb with little blue/purple flowers.

Strawberry plants.

After the strawberry plants emerge, here is the yummy late spring blessing!

Planted in the autumn, garlic sprouts up in early spring.

Other signs of spring are rain.  The below, from last year, was too much of it.  This street, one of three main north/south arteries through our town, was closed for two or three days.

We found these duck eggs at a local park last spring!

The first day of grilling is an awesome spring day!  The below was our Resurrection Sunday meal; grilling has become a (very short so far) tradition.  If we continue the tradition this year, it's on April 20, so I really hope it won't be our first grilling day of the spring.  :)

Thanks, Lew, for choosing a theme that helps us all remember what we're looking forward to!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Wonderful spring time images! I'm glad that rain did not fall during this winter's coldness - you would have had the world's largest skating rink.

  2. Christine: We have no signs of Spring in Ohio. We had a stray robin, a daffodil shoot and no buds. Our winter was cold and hanging on. I love your crocus.

  3. Mmmm... I can just imagine the savory food off the grill! I like the look of the buds flowering on a tree.