Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- In the Kitchen

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Theme ~ In the Kitchen

Chosen by me.

Since it's winter, I've been in my kitchen a lot.  Cooking and baking are not only fun, but they keep me warm!  These images are all from the past two months; to start, here is the full-frame version from my header:

Homemade ravioli!

Over on my family blog, I post lots of recipes.  I like sharing them with the cyber-world, and I want to eventually include all my favorite ones for easy access when I'm away from home.  Or, you know, if my house burns down and I lose my recipe binder...  So, I take lots of pictures, not just of the finished product, but of the process as well.  Here's one image of my ingredients, ready to be turned into Bay Rice Pilaf:

I love a good salad, and though I don't eat many of them during the winter, I have to satisfy the craving when it occurs.

Salad with peas, tomatoes, and cranberries.

A new recipe for me is this delicious Ham Chili, which I paired with cornbread made in my cast iron skillet.

Whole-wheat biscuits make a delicious and healthy side dish.

Here's the finished product:  Bay Rice Pilaf.

Finally, here's a new cake I tried--Almond Cream Cake, for Jake's birthday (he had friends over for his "Games 'n Grub" party).  It looks nothing like the picture showed me it was supposed to look in the original recipe, plus Jake bought me blanched sliced almonds instead of regular plain ol' slivered almonds.  The cooked frosting--my first attempt at such a recipe--was a disaster, but I doctored it and made it work.

The Games 'n Grub (board games, card games, etc., plus food = Games 'n Grub) was a ton of fun, and we ended up in the kitchen for dessert, which was said cake above.  While we were singing Happy Birthday, our very own Craver (who, with his wife, partied with us!) grabbed my camera, set it to auto, held it up, and snapped this picture:

Birthday in my kitchen!

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