Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- Back from Break: My Favorites

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Theme ~ Back from Break:  My Favorites

Chosen by Tom.

Happy New Year!  We Headbangers are back from Christmas break, and ready for a new year of photography adventures together.  Starting with the image I used for my header, here are some of my favorites from our time away.  These were taken on Fernando's and my driving date to see local Christmas light displays.

The above wasn't the best Christmas light display, or the nicest image in composition, but I was able to crop it nicely for my header.  My favorite Christmas light display is this one, below:

Across from that house, was this one, below, bedecked in a cascade of white lights.

And, the below is a close-up from another display.  It was such a mild day that we got out of our car several times to enjoy the lights, and in many cases, accompanying music.

This was our own "light display."

I collect snowflake ornaments and hope to have our tree covered in them.  But this Christmas, our tree also sported several leaf ornaments.  These ornaments are all actual leaves; a local artist turns them into amazing works of art, and I love them hanging on my tree.

Finally, I can't not post a food photo from our time away!  Here is one of my favorites from New Year's Day, when we had a traditional Italian meal of ravioli.  My parents celebrated with us, and my mom and I spent all afternoon making these beauties.  I messed up the recipe a bit, but the ravioli turned out yummy, so all was forgiven.

Again, Happy New Year!

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  1. Most enjoyable show of Christmas Lights Christine, and your Ravi looks scrumptious.

  2. What fun Christine, I think the leaf was your best work.

  3. You and your neighbors put on a fantastic display for Christmas! And a mighty fine meal!

  4. A lovely display and a lovely new year to you!