Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Getting Ready for Christmas

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Theme ~ Getting Ready for Christmas

Chosen by me.

I'm chuckling to myself as I realize I chose this theme a while ago, and now that it's time to post, I have no current pictures to share with you.  Although we started this year with great hope that our situation would improve--and it did in many aspects--we find ourselves just hanging on right now.  We will share a beautiful, simple Christmas at my brother's home, though, so I'm not sad having to post last year's photos.

Usually within a day or so of Thanksgiving, we purchase a Christmas tree.

My dad carries the tree to the car.

The tree is set up...

The ornaments are hung...

And the atmosphere is set!

Cookies are baked...

Peppermints (my favorite!) are set out...

Decorations are placed...

The manger figurines are placed...

And we're ready for Christmas!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Lovely show MDF Christine for Christmas, nice to see a real tree.

    1. Thanks, Mac! Fernando surprised me today with a trip to the local Christmas tree place to pick out a tree! It smells heavenly in my living room now. :)

  2. Christine: I'm sure you will have a happy Christmas season.

    1. Thanks, Tom. We will have a beautiful season, with or without the decorations. :)

  3. A visit with family at Christmas is always nice! (And saves on decorating! Merry Christmas!

  4. I am with you, Christine. Keep it simple. Christmas with someone with dementia is like Christmas with small children. You never know what you might encounter. He mentioned that we needed to get the manger set up and I agreed. Then I come out and find Mary and Joseph and Joseph and another Joseph (I collected them when I taught at St Joe's) lined up in one of the antique sewing machine drawers and set out near the tree (which he had unearthed one late night from the unlit storeroom.) We have had that tree for about twenty years and it once graced my classroom each season.

    I have wished I had my camera handy when seeing cars headed down the road with a tree bundled on top. Alas, I took absolutely no pictures all of November.

    But life is good.

    1. Kathy, this is what Christmas is all about! Life is messy, and real, with all our flaws. It's beautiful when we just go with the flow, take what's handed to us, and be thankful for what we've been blessed with. Hard, but beautiful!