Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Fun Fun Fun

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Theme ~ Fun Fun Fun

Chosen by Tom.

This week's theme gave me an excuse to go back through all my photos from the year and reminisce about the fun times.  I admit there weren't too many, since this was--and continues to be--a rough year for us.  There were, however, wonderful moments of levity which I share with you today.

For my header, even though it was hard to crop, I chose this photo of me having fun for my 50th birthday.

I'm totally claiming credit for this image, because even though Fernando snapped the shutter, I set everything up for him!

Here are some other "fun, fun, fun" times from my year...

Fun with a can of whipped topping.

Ice cream at the lake is always fun!

Below was my first experience with a handgun (a revolver).  I loved it, and loved that I was actually good at it.  Look at that grouping!  And, I did it in a summer dress!  It was so much fun that we shoot fairly regularly now.

After helping a friend move, Fernando and Thomas had fun with the dolly at the storage facility (taken with my phone).

When we get together with Allie's family (Jake's girlfriend), we always have fun.  This is another one taken with my phone.  It seems that fun is generally spontaneous and my phone is more readily available than my camera.  :)

Fun is when a friend's adult daughter invites you over to teach you how to make bubble tea (a Taiwanese beverage).  It was interesting!

 Bubble tea.

Finally, it is fun--and heart-melting--to watch your adult son charm two little girls into hanging out with him while at a friend's house for a sing-along event.

 Coloring time together!

Aren't they simply adorable?

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Christine, wonderful captures for sure. Nicely done Christine.

  2. I love the close bonding time between your son and the girls. Those are special moments.

    1. Those girls are so adorable, and they love Danny. I love seeing him get down on their level and relate to them. :)

  3. You had some great fun this year and great pics to prove it!

    1. Yes, Lew, a tough year but we had some great fun moments!

  4. Was fun going through your post pics and what a Header, wonderful - real enjoyed Christine.