Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Recent Photos

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Recent Photos

Chosen by all of us.

This week is a "bye" week, meaning that in the absence of fellow Headbanger Craver, we decided on the theme of Recent Photos.  We're guaranteed to get a wide variety of images this week, I think!

My header image was taken about ten days ago; my garden harvest has slowed down significantly even since then.

The rest of my images today have all been taken in the past week.  Here we go!

Yes, this is our car.  Yes, it is a BMW.  We purchased her in April, but since I wanted to blog about how we came to be her owner, I took these recent pictures.  If you want to read about how this classy lady came to be ours given our incredible journey these past few years, visit this post on our personal family blog.

Back to my garden harvest, my friend Becki taught me how to preserve veggies by fermenting them in Fido (pronounced fee-doh) jars; I took that newly acquired knowledge and have been "going to town" experimenting with my garden veggies!

We attended a wedding last week!  I took only a few pictures--I mostly wanted to get some pictures of Fernando and me since we were dressed up--but here are two that I took of the bride and groom.

Sending them off with birdseed!

My final images are the most recent, taken for a client just a few days ago.  I was hired to do photography for a high school football team's home games, and this was the first game of the season.  I'm sharing three images from that day; be thankful it's only three--the client gallery has 300+!!

My Danny is in the middle--the trio sang the National Anthem!

One action shot, in the rain--we're the team in the blue.

I'll be off to visit you shortly; please leave a comment for me!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Patients is a vertue - so they say. and it paid off, well done Christine and Hubby, you have your wish, fantastic show on recent photos.

  2. Nicely done Christine, we are growing the same yellow tomatoes.

  3. Great selection you have! Your recent photography events have been more fun than mine.